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About VSO
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VSO was voted top international development charity in the International Aid and Development category at the Charity Awards 2004 for its work in promoting innovative approaches to globalising volunteering.

Our approach to volunteering has changed dramatically over the years. We no longer send school-leavers - today the average age of a volunteer is 38 and most placements are for two years. We are a leading development charity with almost 1,500 skilled professionals currently working in 34 countries. We respond to requests from governments and community organisations throughout Asia and Africa.

The volunteers aim to pass on their expertise to local people so that when they return home their skills remain. Volunteers can be aged between 20 and 75 years old and must have a formal qualification and some work experience. Regular postings are for two years and volunteers are provided with accommodation and a local level allowance as well as air fares and insurance.

We are actively recruiting volunteers all the time. The range of jobs is vast, and includes small business advisors, teachers, social workers, health professionals, management consultants, marine biologists, accountants and farmers.

Some history
Voluntary Service Overseas was founded by the late Alec and Mora Dickson with backing from Inter Church Aid (now Christian Aid) and the late Bishop of Portsmouth, who sent a letter to the Sunday Times to support his vision.

On May 15 1958 the first VSO volunteers (eight 18-year-old men) left the UK to give a year's voluntary service in developing countries - Ghana, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Sarawak. Some of the first volunteers are still in touch with VSO, which still has thriving programmes in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia. Since then over 30,000 volunteers have served in over 70 countries.

Some well-known former VSO volunteers
Many former VSO volunteers have risen to prominence in their chosen field. A significant number of former volunteers have been, or still are journalists. VSO volunteers have also gone on to become politicians, well-known writers, churchmen, business people, police chiefs and educationalists.

Examples include Mike Wooldridge, Brian Hanrahan, Jon Snow, Michael Brunson, Peter Salmon, Labour Minister Hilary Armstrong MP and Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer.